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Social media is essential for a good marketing strategy. However, to use them effectively, we need to fully understand their nature and benefits and use the tools to grow as quickly as possible. Instagram social media services will increase interactions with your page and ultimately increase your followers and sales. You can accelerate the process of business development and increase your sales by ordering Instagram social marketing services from above. Instagram social media services are one of those things that our expert team can handle well, and the many examples we have are proof of this.

Advertising campaigns

Hold sales campaigns to increase followers and new customers and increase online sales


Engrave your internet business name or brand in the customer’s mind with viral and viral mail

Build a purposeful community

Attract targeted followers Turn followers into fans and turn fans into loyal customers

Video marketing

Produce video content and audio podcasts, perfectly creative to fit your brand

An achievement from the Balaban Marketing team

Optimal strategy, high efficiency

Ballaban social marketing services, you can easily connect with your target customers on social networks and develop your business. Ballaban’s social marketing services include a comprehensive analysis of different customer groups, strategizing and optimizing social media pages, creating and implementing advertising campaigns, managing and monitoring social media pages, and many other services.

خدمات سوشال مارکتینگ

Ballaban uses a professional and experienced team to implement zero to one hundred social marketing processes strategically and purposefully. The difference and advantage that Ballaban has over the market is that from the very beginning, detailed research and analysis is done to implement the social media marketing process for your business.

As a result, a complete strategy document will be developed for your business. In the next step, by executing the cases and applying the written insight in the document, the content you need will be produced in various text, video, graphic and other formats and will be published in the desired social network.

How does Ballaban help you with social marketing?

How much does a social marketing service cost?

Tariffs for Instagram marketing services and Instagram marketing consulting are determined according to the industry and class, the wants and needs of customers, having an admin or graphic designer inside the collection, the type of services required, the background of marketing activities, and so on.

So there will be no single price for Instagram marketing services and Instagram marketing consulting. With these interpretations, the best way is to submit your request in the consultation form of this page so that the estimated price will be provided to you. Other ways you can contact us is by calling 2752870-0912 or emailing .

Which social network is right for you?

Instagram is very attractive for Iranian users, but being in this network may not be 100% fruitful for your business. In the process of developing a strategy, we examine the business, business goals, target customers and the nature of your brand. دقی We provide you with a detailed program about the type of social network, how to attend, the tone and type of content, and so on.

Why use Instagram Marketing?

Instagram has more than 1 billion users, and of these, 24 million are Iranians, which means that about 34% of the total population of Iran use Instagram. According to Iranian statistics, they are on Instagram for at least 1 hour a day, and 80% of Iranians have followed at least 1 business on Instagram. These statistics show that Instagram is a very convenient and at the same time completely free platform for your business activity and earning money online.

Influencer Marketing

Advertising by key people with high followers according to the type of your business and the followers you want.

Visit increase

Increase business page traffic, increase the number of people who interact with each of your posts and see each of your posts.


Identify and create the most popular hashtags in your field and use it on the page to increase feedback.

Page architecture

Create a structure that fits the brand and users’ needs to attract the maximum audience when displaying your Instagram page.

Made by Ballaban

Some implemented examples

Improving your website ranking in search engines is our specialty. To see examples of Balaban’s SEO services, touch the images below and prepare for higher rankings in Google.
طراحی سایت تک صفحه ای

Single Page Web Design

In the competitive landscape of the digital world, having a strong online presence has become crucial for businesses to thrive. NED Holding, a renowned brand

Web Design Services for Car Dealers

Website Design Services for Car Dealers for JAPTEC located in Japan, JAPTEC is a prominent brand located in Nagoya, Japan that specializes in quality scooters.

طراحی صفحات فرود

Landing Page Design Services

As the demand for reliable building maintenance services in Dubai continues to rise, FMP has emerged as a reputable company dedicated to delivering exceptional service.


Frequently Asked Questions

By reading the answers to these questions, you can learn more about our services and get enough information to make the right decision about working with us. These questions include various things such as website design costs, how to design a website, use of CMS, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, etc.
No, due to the sensitivity of Instagram to the use of bots, purchases, likes and followers, and the high risk that may cause the page to be closed, we do not use this method. Also, this method will cause you to have inappropriate engagement and the post will not be able to enter Explore. We help with planning and strategy for publishing posts and stories so that active followers are naturally attracted to the Instagram page.
None of the items asked is sufficient on its own and each complements the other. But it is suggested that if your business is new and it is possible to earn money online, start your work by setting up an Instagram page.

Considering that Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in Iran, it has a high potential to convert users into customers. You can make the most of this potential by creating a page and targeted ads

LinkedIn is one of the most important social networks for marketing companies and B2B organizations and freelancers. LinkedIn Marketing is an important tool that will help you build your brand. In addition, LinkedIn significantly helps to identify potential customers and connect the employer with specialized forces.
Because we do not believe in using bots to increase followers. From our point of view, if the content is good and the ads are done correctly, the number of followers will increase, but buying fake followers or bots will hurt your page.

Yes, Balaban, as a social marketing company, has the ability to create advertising campaigns for social networks. By using Balaban’s social marketing services, you can advertise in social networks such as Instagram, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn in a professional manner using different methods.

According to the needs and requests of your business, Balaban designs and implements various advertising campaigns that give your ads on social networks more appeal and credibility. In these advertising campaigns, a variety of content is created to attract audiences and increase traffic and sales.

Through Balaban’s social marketing services, you can strengthen your brand identity in social networks. To strengthen the brand identity, it is better to consider a few things:

Use of attractive and diverse content:

By using appropriate and attractive content in social networks, you can attract the opinion and attention of your audience. Balaban will help strengthen your brand identity by providing quality and attractive content on social networks.

Use of logo and brand name:

You should use your logo and brand name in all your social media posts. This will help you establish your brand identity in the minds of your audience.

Using the right colors:

Using appropriate colors that match your activity and products will help strengthen your brand identity. Balaban helps you to use the right colors according to the type of your activity and according to the specifications of the contacts.

Create interaction with contacts

By engaging with your audience on social media, you can strengthen your brand identity. Using different methods, Balaban interacts with your contacts on social networks and helps to strengthen your brand identity.

Yes, Balaban’s social marketing services also help small and medium-sized companies. In fact, small and medium-sized companies need direct computer advertising due to financial and time constraints, and social marketing is one of the best ways to create a strong presence in the digital space.

By using Balaban’s social marketing services, small and medium-sized companies can appear as a strong brand in social networks and attract new contacts and increase their sales by using appropriate strategies. Balaban helps small and medium-sized companies to choose the best social marketing solutions considering their financial and time resources and find a way to grow and develop their business.

Yes, you can produce the content of your social marketing posts yourself and leave only the page management to Balaban. In this case, you can control the type of content and its production process, and Balaban, as a page manager, will accompany your brand by providing suitable solutions.

Balaban helps you to propose the best strategy for managing your page by providing suitable solutions. Also, according to your needs, it can help you produce the right content and suggest the best solutions to attract new contacts and increase sales. In general, the provision of Balaban social marketing services, according to your needs and desires, with effective cooperation and coordination, can help your business grow and develop.

To effectively use social networks for your advertising, you can pay attention to the following:

Identify target audience

At first, it is better to carefully identify your target audience and then display your ads to them using appropriate social networks.

Attractive content design

By designing attractive and appropriate content for your purpose, you can attract the attention of your audience and show your ads more effectively.

Use of images and videos

By using attractive images and videos, you can communicate with your audience in a better way and increase the ability to spread your ads.

Establish relationships with contacts

By establishing a relationship with your contacts, you can easily communicate with them and provide the best solutions in response to their questions and requests.

Using new advertising methods

By using new and innovative advertising methods, you can communicate with your audience in a better way and show your ads more effectively in social networks.

Finally, to effectively use social networks for your advertising, you can choose the best strategy and advertising solutions according to the needs and specifications of your business by using Balaban’s social marketing services.

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Your trust is the result of the Balaban team’s efforts to provide quality and specialized services in the field of digital marketing and website design.

During each project, we try to provide quality and reliable services to our customers by using previous experiences and the best methods of digital marketing and website design. This approach has helped us to be proudly recognized as one of the most reliable and experienced companies in the field of digital marketing and website design.

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If you have a website that needs to be upgraded and optimized and you are not satisfied with its performance, you can send us the link of your website so that the experts of Balaban Digital Marketing Company can check your website for free and report it to you. provide