Web Design Services for Car Dealers

Website Design Services for Car Dealers for JAPTEC located in Japan, JAPTEC is a prominent brand located in Nagoya, Japan that specializes in quality scooters. Mr. Mehdi Zandi Moghadam, as the owner and CEO of JAPTEC, sought to strengthen his brand’s online presence for more sales.

After noticing that their old website was loading slowly and had poor uptime and availability metrics, they contacted Ballaban Marketing, a digital marketing company that offers website design services.

Introducing JAPTEC

Mr. Mehdi Zandi Moghadam, as the CEO of JAPTEC, is working as one of the important factors in the development of technology and improving the quality of the company’s products, using his experiences in the field of control and precision instruments. He seeks to develop and expand the market of JAPTEC company by trying to improve the quality and establish business relations with other companies at the global level.

Mr. Zandi Moghadam is one of the prominent and famous Iranian engineers in the instrument control industry. Mr. Zandi Moghadam can be considered one of the leading experts in this industry at the global level. He also works as the CEO of Japanese company JAPTEC. In 2017, with the aim of developing and expanding internet activity, JAPTEC cooperated with Ballaban Marketing.

طراحی سایت برای فروشندگان خودرو

Starting a website design project for car dealers

The old website was launched on an old template and had very poor features and was therefore slow. These factors had a negative impact on the SEO of the website and ultimately led to low sales of the collection. To solve these problems, Ballaban Marketing suggested migrating to the new WordPress CMS to increase speed, server uptime and better overall performance.

Website design on local server

The redesign process was done on a local server so that Ballaban Marketing could make sure that all the necessary changes were made before migrating to the online server. After extensive testing and customer approval, the new website was moved to the online server. The redesigned website could have significantly improved loading times and thus better SEO results.

The first step taken by Ballaban Marketing was to transfer the old website to a new WordPress content management system to ensure better speed and uptime. The redesign process was performed on a local server, where all necessary changes were made before migrating to the live server. As a result, the loading time of the website improved significantly, which had a positive effect on the website’s SEO.

SEO services

Overall, Ballaban Marketing’s website design and SEO services helped JAPTEC improve its online presence, leading to better sales and increased customers. Using the latest website design practices and SEO techniques, Ballaban helped JAPTEC achieve its business goals and stay ahead of its competitors.

طراحی سایت برای فروشندگان خودرو

Website design project services for car dealers helped JAPTEC to overcome the challenges they were facing with their old website. By improving the speed and uptime of the website, JAPTEC was able to provide a better user experience to its customers, which resulted in an increase in sales.

Website design for car leasing

With the rise of e-commerce and online shopping, an internet presence is crucial for businesses that want to stay competitive. This is especially true for auto sales and leasing businesses, where customers often do extensive research online before making a purchase.

By partnering with a professional digital marketing agency like Ballaban Marketing, businesses can benefit from a wide range of services including website design, SEO, content creation, social media management, and more. These services are designed to help businesses improve their online presence, and ultimately generate more sales.

In addition to designing websites for car dealers, Ballaban Marketing also worked on improving JAPTEC’s SEO and made sure their website was ranked higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). This allowed JAPTEC to attract more organic traffic, which led to increased sales.

Viral Media

Continuing the cooperation, Ballaban Marketing produced reports that presented the unique features of JAPTEC products in an attractive way, the written reports were published in local Japanese news media, which in some cases helped the brand go viral. This helped to increase brand awareness and attract more customers for the website.

طراحی سایت برای فروشندگان خودرو

Ballaban Marketing Services

At Ballaban Marketing, we understand the importance of a strong online presence for businesses in all industries. That’s why we offer a wide range of digital marketing services designed to help our clients achieve their goals and stand out from the competition.

In addition to website design and SEO, Ballaban also offers content creation services, social media management, SMS marketing, PPC advertising, and more. Our team of experienced professionals works closely with each client and then suggests a customized strategy that meets your needs according to your budget.

Increase social network followers

Ballaban also helped JAPTEC on social media, especially on Instagram. The Ballaban team designed interesting posts and used targeted ads to attract more followers to JAPTEC’s Instagram page. The increase in followers not only helped JAPTEC to attract more audience, but also has a great effect in building trust and credibility among customers.

Whether you’re looking to revamp your current website, improve your search engine rankings, or increase your social media following, Ballaban has the expertise and tools you need to help you succeed.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, contact Ballaban to learn more about our digital marketing services and how you can achieve your goals.

طراحی سایت برای فروشندگان خودرو

last word

In conclusion, having a well-designed website and strong online presence is essential for any business. By working with a reputable digital marketing agency like Ballaban Marketing, businesses can take advantage of the latest web design practices and SEO techniques to achieve their business goals and stay ahead of the competition.


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