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The challenge this time for Balaban Marketing is to Web Designing Services for Clinics. ATC is a speech therapy company based in Toronto, Canada. This website provides information on various speech and language services, including evaluations, therapy sessions, and counseling.

Introducing ATC

The services provided are designed for people with communication problems related to speech and language, as well as people with feeding and swallowing disorders. The collection’s website also provides information about the team of licensed and certified speech-language pathologists who provide therapy.

Overall, the Collection website serves as a resource for people seeking speech and language therapy services in Canada, as well as for those seeking information and resources related to speech and language disorders.

طراحی وبسایت برای کلینیک

Signing a website design contract for the clinic

After the management of the ATC complex realized that the previous website of the complex did not meet the needs of the clinic. The old website was designed in an amateur way and lacked the necessary features to attract and retain customers. For this reason, the collection management contacted Balaban Marketing, a digital marketing company that considered a solution for the ATC collection.

With the guidance of the expert team of Balaban Marketing, after the agreement of the management of the complex with the conditions, the contract, the website design project for the clinic was signed during a working meeting in Tehran. One of the main challenges of this project was to keep costs low while complying with copyright laws. Balaban overcame this by using free WordPress plugins to design the website, which meant ATC Collection only had to pay for the team’s efforts.

Canadian copyright laws

Designing a website for a clinic that relies on free plugins and a free template (to maintain copyright laws in the target country) can be challenging, but Balaban Marketing’s expertise made this possible. Their team used a free page builder and template to create a user-friendly website that was easy to navigate and visually appealing. The Balaban team also followed SEO rules and ensured that the site’s content was optimized for search engines.

In addition, the website design takes into account the Canadian Clinic’s branding and reflects its professional identity. The website’s color scheme, fonts, and images have all been carefully selected to reflect ATC’s values and mission.

طراحی وبسایت برای کلینیک

.Responsive design

The Balaban Marketing team also ensured that the website was optimized for both desktop and mobile devices to provide a seamless experience for users across all platforms. This is especially important in today’s world where more and more people access the internet through their smartphones and tablets.

The new website also includes an FAQ section that addresses common customer questions and concerns. This section helps visitors understand ATC services and makes it easier for them to decide whether to use the clinic’s services.

Online reservation system

The new website provides visitors with information about ATC services, success stories from previous clients, and detailed information about the clinic’s staff. In addition, the site has an online booking system that allows customers to easily schedule an appointment. Visitors can also learn more about the clinic’s mission, vision and values through the website.

Defining the overall marketing strategy

In addition, Balaban’s marketing team ensured that the new website was consistent with ATC’s overall marketing strategy. The website integrates seamlessly with the clinic’s social media accounts and email marketing campaigns, allowing the collection to more effectively reach a wider audience.

The website also has a blog section where visitors can find interesting articles on speech therapy and related topics. By providing valuable content, ATC establishes itself as a thought leader in its field, which helps build trust with potential customers.

طراحی وبسایت برای کلینیک

Training for ATC staff

Finally, Balaban’s marketing team provided training to ATC management and staff, enabling them to make updates and changes to the website themselves. This saves time and money in the long run and allows the clinic to keep its website up to date and relevant.

With the help of Balaban Marketing, ATC now has a website that reflects the brand and provides a seamless experience for visitors. The new site is visually appealing, easy to navigate and informative, making it an invaluable tool for the clinic’s success.

In short, when looking for website redesign services, it’s important to work with a digital marketing company that understands your business goals, brand identity, and target audience. Balaban Marketing was able to successfully complete the website design project for the clinic and meet all the requirements while reducing costs. The end result was a website that exceeded the expectations of management and the ATC portfolio.

last word

As a result, Balaban Marketing successfully helped ATC transform their website while reducing costs. Using free WordPress plugins, the website design project for the clinic was completed with the lowest budget and the resulting website is a great improvement over the previous version. With a user-friendly design and SEO optimization, the new website is sure to attract and retain customers and ultimately help ATC achieve its business goals.

In conclusion, Balaban Marketing’s work on the ATC website redesign project is an example of how digital marketing firms can help businesses achieve their goals. By understanding the needs of the client, brand and target audience, Balaban was able to deliver a high-quality website on a budget that will help ATC attract and retain customers for years to come.

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