Professional website design

In the bustling city of Amsterdam, Netherlands, Alpha Stickers has established itself as a prominent advertising and car wrapping company. With a strong commitment to providing exceptional services, Alpha Stickers sought to revamp its old website to better showcase its offerings and engage its target audience. Collaborating with the digital marketing experts at Ballaban Marketing, Alpha Stickers embarked on a transformative journey to redesign their website and create a captivating online experience for their visitors.

طراحی سایت به انگلیسی
Professional website design

Redesigning for Excellence

Recognizing the importance of a visually appealing and user-friendly website, the first step in this project was to transition from the old website to a professional WordPress template. The new template, carefully selected to align with Alpha Stickers’ brand identity, provided a solid foundation for the redesign. This transition also necessitated changes to the website’s URL structure, ensuring that search engine optimization (SEO) priorities were met during the migration process.

Streamlining Inquiry Forms: Enhanced Communication with Alpha Stickers

In the process of revamping the old website, a key focus for Alpha Stickers was to optimize the user experience and streamline the inquiry process. The old website had multiple inquiry forms scattered across each service landing page, which sometimes led to confusion and an inefficient user experience. With the new website design, a more effective approach was implemented to centralize and simplify the inquiry process.

طراحی سایت به انگلیسی
Professional website design

The redesigned website now features three strategically placed inquiry forms, located within the body of the landing pages and as pop-ups throughout the entire website. This intentional placement ensures that visitors can easily find and access the inquiry forms, regardless of which page they are on. By consolidating the inquiry forms, Alpha Stickers has created a more cohesive and user-friendly experience for potential clients.

Streamlined Process

Furthermore, the new inquiry forms are seamlessly connected to Alpha Stickers’ email system. As soon as a customer fills out an inquiry form, the details are instantly sent to Alpha Stickers’ designated email address. This streamlined process enables swift communication and prompt follow-up with potential clients, enhancing the overall customer experience.

To ensure efficient communication, Alpha Stickers has also implemented a notification system that sends instant notifications to their team members’ phones whenever a new inquiry form is submitted. This immediate notification allows the team to promptly respond to customer inquiries, providing timely assistance and addressing any questions or concerns.

طراحی سایت به انگلیسی
Old Alpha Sticker Website – Before Ballaban

Notification System

By consolidating the inquiry forms and implementing a streamlined notification system, Alpha Stickers has significantly improved their ability to engage with potential clients and provide excellent customer service. The simplified and centralized approach not only enhances user experience but also enables Alpha Stickers to respond promptly and efficiently to customer inquiries, strengthening their reputation as a reliable and responsive company.

the redesigned website of Alpha Stickers prioritizes user convenience and effective communication through its optimized inquiry forms. The strategic placement, seamless email integration, and real-time notifications work together to ensure a smooth and efficient inquiry process, ultimately fostering stronger connections between Alpha Stickers and their valued clients.

Showcasing the Portfolio

As a testament to Alpha Stickers’ expertise and dedication to delivering top-quality results, the website redesign project placed special emphasis on showcasing their impressive portfolio. The portfolio section serves as a visual gallery of their latest projects, providing potential clients with a glimpse into the outstanding work Alpha Stickers has produced.

The integration of a custom post type (CPT) dedicated solely to the portfolio enables Alpha Stickers to present their projects in a visually compelling and organized manner. Each portfolio entry within the CPT includes a captivating image or video that highlights the unique features of the project. Alongside the visual representation, a concise and engaging description accompanies each portfolio piece, offering valuable insights into the goals, challenges, and creative solutions employed by Alpha Stickers.

By presenting a diverse range of projects, the portfolio section effectively demonstrates Alpha Stickers’ versatility and ability to cater to various client needs. Whether it’s eye-catching vehicle wraps, captivating signage, or innovative advertising campaigns, the portfolio showcases Alpha Stickers’ ability to bring their clients’ visions to life with finesse and creativity.

طراحی سایت به انگلیسی
Professional website design

User-friendly Presentation

Through the website’s intuitive navigation, visitors can easily browse through the portfolio section, immersing themselves in the striking visuals and engaging descriptions. Each portfolio entry is thoughtfully organized, allowing visitors to explore different industries, project types, or design styles that resonate with their specific requirements. This user-friendly presentation enhances the overall user experience, making it convenient for potential clients to find inspiration and envision the possibilities that Alpha Stickers can offer them.

The portfolio section not only serves as a source of inspiration for clients but also establishes Alpha Stickers’ credibility and professionalism within the industry. By displaying their impressive body of work, Alpha Stickers instills confidence in potential clients, reassuring them that they are partnering with a reliable and accomplished company that consistently delivers exceptional results.

The portfolio section continues to evolve as Alpha Stickers completes new projects and adds them to their realphpertoire. With each new addition, the portfolio grows in breadth and depth, ensuring that visitors always have access to the latest and most compelling examples of Alpha Stickers’ craftsmanship.

Tailored Landing Pages

To showcase the diverse range of services offered by Alpha Stickers, the website was designed to include multiple landing pages, each tailored to highlight a specific service. For instance, the car wrap landing page, designed in a sleek and dark template, perfectly complements the car wrap service, creating an immersive and captivating user experience. Meanwhile, other sections of the website maintained a light template, ensuring consistency and coherence throughout the overall design.

طراحی سایت به انگلیسی
Professional website design

Effortless Navigation

Recognizing the importance of a seamless user experience, the website redesign also incorporated a mega menu. This feature enabled users to effortlessly navigate through the various services provided by Alpha Stickers, making it easier for visitors to find the specific information they were seeking. By optimizing the website’s navigation, Alpha Stickers ensured that potential clients could access the desired information swiftly and efficiently.


Through a collaborative effort between Alpha Stickers and Ballaban Marketing, the website redesign project has successfully elevated Alpha Stickers’ online presence. With a visually stunning design, tailored landing pages, a dedicated portfolio showcase, and an intuitive navigation system, Alpha Stickers’ new website establishes itself as a captivating hub for individuals and businesses seeking advertising and car wrapping services.

By embracing cutting-edge design principles, seamless user experience, and SEO optimization, Alpha Stickers is poised to outrank other websites in the industry. The redesigned website embodies the essence of Alpha Stickers’ brand identity, showcasing their commitment to excellence and innovation.

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